City passport

City passport

                 PASSPORT city of Uralsk by the 1st  of January, 2019

Uralsk - administrative, industrial, historic and cultural center of the West Kazakhstan region. The city is located in the northern part of the Caspian lowland, in the picturesque steppe plain. Located on the right bank of the middle reaches of the Ural River, the length of which within the Republic of Kazakhstan - 1082 km, and on the left bank of the lower reaches of the Chagan River.

Metropolitan area is over than 700 square meters. km.

The population - 288.4 thousand people, representing 83 different nationalities.

Since olden times Uralsk city has been a kind of trade gateway from Asia to Europe and inversely. It took place one of the branches of the Great Silk Road.

Vegetation basically is peculiar to the steppe and forest steppe zones. The fauna is quiet varied, with fish in the rivers. Climate is sharply continental.

In accordance with the decision of the West Kazakhstan regional maslikhat №10-1 from the 26th of June 2013 to include to the city: Zhelayevskiy rural district, Zachagansk village, Krugloozernoe village.

Distance from Uralsk to Astana - 1747 km.