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E-mail: info@uralsk-akimat.kz

Address: City administration “Akim’s official office of Uralsk city”
Republic of Kazakhstan
West Kazakhstan region
Uralsk city
Dostyk Avenue 182/1

Acceptance of correspondence:
Schedule of correspondence acceptance:
From 9.00 till 16.00 (Monday-Friday)
Private person – office №10
Legal entity – office № 19

Administration reception of city Uralsk
City Akim – Kulginov Altai Seidirovich - 51-26-43
Deputy akim of Uralsk - Uryngaliyev Galim Gubashevich - 513730
Deputy akim of Uralsk - Mankarayev Kaisar Zakirovich  - 512549
Deputy akim of Uralsk - Satybaldiyev Mars Kadyrgaliyevich - 51-04-65
The head of Uralsk akim’s official office - Kaisagaliyev Altynbek Kenesovich – 513685

Reception of citizens
Visiting hours by akim and his deputies of Uralsk

Akim Kulginov Altai Seidirovich once a month on Mondays from 15.00 till 18.00
Deputy - Uryngaliyev Galim Gubashevich weekly on Tuesdays from 15.00 till 18.00
Deputy -
Satybaldiyev Mars Kadyrgaliyevich weekly on Thursdays from 15.00 till 18.00
Deputy -
Mankarayev Kaisar Zakirovich weekly on Wednesdays from 15.00 till

How to make an appointment at the reception of citizens
You can make an appointment to Akim and his deputies at address: Dostyk Avenue, 182/1 office №10, from 9.00 till 16.00 daily, telephone number:51-28-86, the appointment is made by a chief specialist of the document support and finance and economic work department – Batyrgaliyeva Zhanar Temirgaliyevna


  • Helpline for messages about the code of honor breach by public officers from akim’s official office, business units of city akim and country district akimats: www.uralsk-akimat.gov.kz/helpline.html
  • Helpline of the department for economic and corruption-related crimes (financial police) in West Kazakhstan region: for claims and applications from private persons and legal entities because of illegal interruption of public officials into an entrepreneurial activity, blackmail, bribery and another corruption offences, stealing: in region section – 2 (144; 51-54-90), regions 1 (8-711-144); address: Uralsk, Kurmangazy street, 89/1.
  • Helpline for providing psychological consultation and legal advice for women, suffer from domestic violence: 51-54-94
  • Helpline for social psychological help: for development and improvement of  special help for people in depression  and suicide prevention activities: 538499, 8 778 907 9981. 

Urban service telephone numbers
Duty officer in public service - 50-56-07
Multi-industry state municipal road-exploitation enterprise - 51-80-98
LLP “BatysSu Apnasy” - 28-32-43
JSC “Zhaikteploenergo” - 23-95-07
JSC “Kaztransgasaimak” - 28-41-83
GF JSC ZapKazRek - 54-37-34
LLP “ZhaikZharygy” - 28-03-59
Public administration “Uralsk emergency situation administration”- 54-52-25

Emergency service
Fire service – 101
Police – 102
Ambulance service – 103
Gas service – 104

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