The akim of the region and the city of Altai Kulginov and Murat Mukayev, as part of a working detour, familiarized themselves with the implementation of housing construction under the program of public-private partnership in Uralsk. In particular, the construction of a 9-storey apartment building on ul. Skorobogatov No. 65/1, No. 65/2. Construction work is carried out in the framework of PPP. Completion is scheduled for next year. Earlier this place was located two houses 1958-1959g. buildings (total number of apartments - 18), which are recognized as emergency.

On the site of demolished houses on the street. Gagarin 1/1 is also actively building a 9-storey residential building. Completion is scheduled for the end of the year. Of the 126 apartments, 12 will receive tenants who lived in an emergency house.

At the same time, the oblast akim met with residents of houses located on Eurasia Ave. 246, 246/1, 246/2. These houses are emergency, instead of them in the framework of public-private partnership will be built 9-storey apartment building.

Also during a detour, the regional akim got acquainted with the course of repairing the road on Kurmangazy street from A. Moldagulova street to Pugachev street. Construction work began in April and will be completed in November of this year. It is worth noting that in Uralsk road repair work has been completed on 43 streets, the remaining 7 city streets are being actively repaired today.

In md Zachagansk goes to the completion of the construction of a 9-storey multi-apartment building Spot №1. Upon completion of construction work, housing will be implemented under the program "7-20-25." Currently, work is underway on the improvement of the adjacent territory. In addition, the construction of a kindergarten for 200 places was started near the house.

Upon completion of the detour, the oblast akim gave specific instructions to ensure the quality execution of construction work at the facilities.

09.10.2018 19:53