Draw up permission for alterations and renovations of the apartment, what documents are necessary

To draw up permission for alterations and renovations it is necessary to provide to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of Uralsk (Dostyk-Druzhby avenue 182/1, room 2):

copies of documents certifying the applicant's right of ownership of a variable object (the original is presented for verification) and, if necessary, notarized written consent of the owner (co-owners) of the object to the proposed change and its parameters;

notarized written consent from the owners of the other buildings (parts of the house), allied with variable rooms (parts of the house), if the planned reconstruction (re-planning, reequipment) of the rooms (parts of a dwelling house) or the transfer of premises boundaries affect their interests;

a copy of the technical passport of the applicant's property section to the changing room (the original is available for verification);

sketches (scheme) with the plan of prospective changes. 

For the production of the reequipment the following documents are necessary:

The agreement protocol of the tenants (2/3 of the total number of residents), stitched and certified by condominium

The consent of neighbors on the renovations: 2 side by side and on top

Conclusion of HIS

The contract of sale, gift, exchange (notarized copy)

Technical pasport- copy

Certificate from PSC on encumbrances (if incorporated in the bank, a certificate from the bank)

ID card - copy

Preliminary design

A copy of the document to the land (if necessary)

If the documents for alterations and renovations are made by another person must be taken to provide a copy of a power of attorney

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