Get a plot for the construction of business facilities

According to item 3 of the clause 44-1 of the Land Code of RK - physical and legal entities interested in giving them property rights and (or) land use on land, submit an application to the local executive body of the region, city of republican significance, the capital, district, regional city values, akim of the city of regional value, village, rural district on the location of the land through the web portal of "electronic government" or public service center in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This application is required to receive a registration number by the date of acceptance of the application. The applicant issued a notice confirming the submission of the application, stating the date of receipt of the act  of choice land for approval.

The application should include the information set by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To the application is attached  general lay-out of land in an electronic format.

For further inquiries you can contact the SE "The department of architecture and urban planning of Uralsk" from 9: 00-13: 00, to the room number

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