Get permission to redevelop

To get permission, you need to write an application addressed to the akim of the city and deliver it to the office of Akimat of Uralsk or CHS. The application should include:

Last name, first name, IIN, postal address and telephone number.

Address (location) of the facility to be modified.

The purpose of changing rooms or other parts of the building.

The application shall be applied:

copies of documents certifying the ownership of the variable object, with the submission of the originals to determine the authenticity of documents or the notarized written consent of the owner of the object;

technical dossier (without changing the functional purpose of the object).

If you plan to change the functional purpose, the registration occurs in two stages:

at the design stage it is necessary to provide the technical design of the planned changes to existing facilities;

at the construction it is necessary to provide a coherent conceptual design, made in accordance with the architectural and planning tasks.

It also must be notarized written consent from the owners of the other rooms, the neighbors, whose property is adjacent to the changeable premises if planned changes or transfer boundaries affect them.

The resolution you will be given for 30 days, absolutely free. As a result, you get a resolution of akimat of the reconstruction / redevelopment / refurbishment of existing buildings, premises, not associated with changes in the carrying and enclosing constructions, engineering systems and equipment.

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