Privatize housing

If you have already received an apartment and you are public servant, employees of public organizations, soldiers, cosmonauts (astronauts candidate) or a person holding public elective office, you can privatize housing at the residual value.

You have the right to privatize housing (item 3 of the Rules of privatization of dwellings from the state housing stock) if you have worked in the public service, public enterprise or in public organizations (including the period of stay in the state elective office) at least ten years, and regardless of the duration of the work, if the employment relationship terminated on the following grounds:

liquidation of the organization, downsizing or rundown of routine staff;

due to illness, which prevents further work;

due to the retirement.

Candidates for the astronauts and cosmonauts who have experience in the field of space activities for more than fifteen years, privatize housing for free.

In case of death of an employee who has been granted housing equated to the service, privatization should be transferred to family members of the deceased, regardless of the duration of the work of the deceased.

If the service housing has been provided to you as for one who  involved in active measures to promote employment, to privatize it at its residual value possible after your stay in the official residence for at least five years.

If you belong to the military service for ten years or more in a calendar-year as of  the 1st of January, 2013 you have the right to privatize service housing from the state housing fund for the residual value. And if at that date in your account for more than fifteen years of service, you have the right to privatize service housing for free, after twenty years of military service in the calendar year.

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