Set meters of water, electricity and gas

It is necessary to put counters in place easily accessible, so the inspectors can easily access to it.

Carefully read the contract for the provision of electricity, heat, water, gas and so on. Regulating the relationship between the supplier and the consumer, in most cases depends on the content of the agreement.

The amount shown on the meter is better to serve regularly. Each region has its own system of indications filing, but if you are often away from home, you can find contacts and submit data on your own. This measure will save you from overpayment and holding time on recalculation procedures. In addition, the differentiated tariffs in some regions imply an overpayment in excess of the norm of consumed services, respectively giving readings and paying on a quarterly basis, the value will exceed your monthly rate and will be calculated on the excess tariffs. By submitting data and paying utility bills on a monthly basis, the amount will be much less.

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