Where to report about problem in an apartment building?

To report about problem in an apartment building

If you have a problem in an apartment building f.e., in the entrance burnt the bulb, there is no containers in the landfill, and flood at the basement? Then go to report about the work of condominium to the akimat, not an emergency service.

What condominium is? Condominium - apartment owners' cooperative (AOC). First of all, condominium is not the owner but the manager, who has to work for the residents. AOC must maintain a current repair. It is basements’ cleaning, corridors, lighting, house territory, the state of the general access door. The money paid by tenants to AOC, goes to ongoing maintenance and staff salaries. In the AOC there is a chairman, accountants, janitor, plumber, electrician.

Once a year AOC Board has to report to residents on progress of economic activities and to provide financial statements. Once a year - at least, but better - more often as needed. Usually, reporting time to the tenants comes just at the beginning of the year. If tenants accept the report, the plan of cooperative activities will be approved by the New Year. If the report is not accepted, then the people have the right to elect a new chairman of the AOC - any tenant of the house, whom they can trust. Chairman is chosen by a majority vote for one year. If his work is considered satisfactory by tenants, the chairman may be re-elected.

AOC Expenses are approved at a meeting of tenants (owners of apartments), so each tenant of the house must be presented at the meeting to be aware of what is charged a monthly fee and which work does perform AOC.

Depending on the type of house, number of floors, number of entrances, the structural features of the area and improvement of the local area and other individual characteristics of buildings, their technical condition and degree of physical deterioration, a list of the maintenance of the common property of condominium costs may vary.

The size of contributions are determined on the basis of the developed design estimates at the general meeting of owners.

In an effort to the work AOC will be the most transparent for the apartment owners, Chairman of the Board should submit a report on the use of funds at the request of apartment’s owners at least once a quarter. The results of the report are announced at the general meeting of tenants.

Also, tenants have the right to request from the Audit Commission a probe report of  financial and economic activity of the cooperative. The Audit Commission gives a conclusion on the annual report of the Board of the cooperative and the presented by the board the annual estimates of income and expenditure.

AOC was created to actively influence to decisions relating to the content of our properties.

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