Contact details



PO "Uralsk akim’s official office” 

Republic of Kazakhstan


West Kazakhstan region


182/1 Dostyk-Druzhba avenue

Telephones of urban services

Emergency - 112

Fire prevention service - 101

Police - 102

First Aid - 103

Service of gas - 104

Operative on duty on municipal issues - 50-56-07

Duty officer on municipal issues - 50-56-07

MGC ROE - 51-80-98

LLP "Batys Su Arnasy" - 28-32-43

JSC "Zhaykteploenergo" - 23-95-07

JSC "Kaztransgazaymak" - 28-41-83

GB SA ZapKazREK- 54-37-34

LLP "Zhaiyk Zharygy" - 28/03/59

PO " Department of Emergency Services Uralsk" - 54-52-25



Helplines for reporting acts of infringing of the Code of honor by the civil servants of the city akim’s official office, structural divisions of akimat and akimats of village districts.

Helpline of the Department for Economic And Corruption-Related Crime Control (Financial Police) in the West - Kazakhstan: for applications and appeals of individuals and legal entities, on the fact of illegal interference of officials in business, extortion, bribery and other corruption offenses, theft: in sectional area - 2 (1494, 51-54-90), the regions 1 (8-711-1424); Address: Uralsk, 89/1 st.Kurmangazy.

Helpline to advisory psychological and legal ministration to women victims of domestic violence: 51-54-94