QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS about the NGO database

What is the NGO Database?

The NGO database is an information database formed to ensure transparency in the activities of non-governmental organizations and to inform the public about them, as well as for use within the framework of the placement of state social contracts, granting grants and awarding prizes.

Which state body is the authorized body for the formation of the NGO Database?

The authorized body, which is responsible for the formation of the NGO Database, is the Ministry for Religious Affairs and Civil Society of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The work of the Committee on Civil Society Affairs of the MDROO directly leads.

What normative legal acts regulate the procedure for submitting information to the NGO database?

1. The Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On non-profit organizations" (paragraph 5 of Article 41).

2. Order of the Minister of Culture and Sports of February 19, 2016 No. 51 "On Approval of the Rules for the Provision of Information on Its Activity by Non-Governmental Organizations and the Formation of a Database on These"

Who should submit data to the NGO Database?

In accordance with paragraph 5 of Article 41 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Non-Profit Organizations", non-profit organizations established in the form of an institution, public association, joint-stock company, fund, association of legal entities in the form of an association (union), as well as in other organizational and legal forms , Branches and representative offices (separate subdivisions) of foreign and international non-commercial organizations carrying out activities in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan shall submit to the authorized body in the field of interaction with non-governmental organizations, annually, by March 31, information on their activities, including About its founders (members), the composition of property, sources of formation and directions of spending money in the manner approved by the authorized body in the sphere of interaction with non-governmental organizations.

Currently, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Civil Society is working to amend this rule with regard to clarifying the NPOs that are required to submit data to the NGO Database.

When should you submit information to the NGO Database?

Data in the NGO Database should be submitted annually until March 31 of the year following the reporting period.

The reporting period is understood as the calendar year preceding the year of submission of data to the Database.

In what form should the information be submitted to the NGO Database?

The information is provided in the form (, in accordance with the Appendix to the Rules for the Provision of Information on NGO Activities (Order No. 51 of the ISS dated 19.02.2016) in Kazakh and Russian.

How to submit information for the NGO Database?

Information is submitted:

- before March 1, 2017 via mail or purposely on paper and electronic media (CD-ROMs or USB-flash drives in Word format).

- from March 1, 2017, NGOs will be able to provide information through the Internet portal of the NGO Database Authorization on the Internet portal is possible with the help of an EDS key received in the CSC.

At the entrance to the Internet portal of the NGO database NGOs can get acquainted with the User's Guide, where a step-by-step algorithm for working with the portal is given.

To which address should you send the information by mail:

By mail, information should be sent to:

010000, Astana, Mogilik el av., 8, 15-staircase, Civil Society Committee of the Ministry for Religious Affairs and Civil Society.

Can I submit information to the site Register of NGO data

No, the site of the NGO Data Register is not a valid site.

Are there any recommendations for completing the reporting form?

Methodical recommendations on providing information about their activities to NGOs are available on the website of the MDROO (

Where can I turn to the emerging issues of reporting to the NGO Database:

Hotline phones: 8 (7172) 74-04-28, 74-04-47, 74-05-43.


What does the NGO Database for NGOs themselves provide:

The NGO database will ensure openness and transparency, the availability of information on NGO activities for the public and donors. Through the NGO database, citizens interested in assistance can obtain the necessary information about NGOs, other NGOs and donors can better know and select potential partners.

Will the reporting formats of NGOs provided for in the Rules for the provision of information on their activities to NGOs and the formation of a database on them be improved?

Answer: Yes. At present, work is under way to improve the Rules taking into account the proposals of NGOs.

What measures are in place for non-submission or submission of false information?

In accordance with Article 489-1 of the Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Administrative Offenses"

1. Non-submission, untimely submission, as well as submission of false or knowingly false information by non-profit organizations, branches and representative offices (separate units) of foreign and international non-profit organizations operating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the authorized body in the sphere of interaction with non-governmental organizations Activities, including about their founders (participants), the composition of property, sources of formation and directions of spending money, - entail a warning.

2. Actions (omissions) provided for in part one of this article, committed repeatedly within one year after the imposition of an administrative penalty, entail a fine of twenty-five monthly calculation indices or suspension of activities for a period of three months.

Have there been cases of bringing to administrative responsibility NGOs that have not provided information to the NGO Database in 2016?

Answer: To date, there has been no practice of bringing to administrative responsibility. A comprehensive advocacy work is now being carried out in the non-governmental sector.

Can NGOs, which are not present in the NGO Database, participate in the competition for state social order, grants?

Answer: The existence of NGOs in the NGO Database is one of the criteria for determining the winner of the state social contract and affects the total score.

In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 6-1 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On State Social Order, Grants and Prizes

For non-governmental organizations in the Republic of Kazakhstan "grants are provided on a competitive basis to non-governmental organizations included in the Database of non-governmental organizations, with the exception of non-governmental organizations in the process of liquidation deemed insolvent (bankrupt), whose property is seized and (or) Which is suspended.